Business Credit Card Processing – Let Stellar Business Funding find the best Credit Card Processor for your business needs.

On this page, learn:

  • How we can save you money with our processor.
  • What you’ll need to get a free quote from us.
  • Deceptive practices to watch out for.

No matter whether you’re interested in cash advances, small business loans, or equipment leasing, and no matter what kind of business you have ………. you may be paying too much for your credit card processing.

At Stellar, we need to work with the credit card industry to fund cash advances. This is because we figure out qualifications, funding amounts, and rates from your credit card sales by looking at your statements. Then, we take repayment through your credit card processor.

Because of our dealings with these companies, we can offer credit card processing as a service to our clients. And, we know who the reputable and fairly-priced companies are.

We can also save you money because we’re not in the credit card processing business to make profits, so we can offer pricing close to wholesale.

You don’t have to change your processing company to receive funding from us, but, as a suggestion, if you think you’ll keep using cash advances in the future, we can help you find a processor that will work with all cash advance lenders.

Fortunately, it’s easy to switch credit card processors, even if you have a POS system, by reprogramming your existing equipment over the phone.

With our processor, we batch overnight and have your sales in your bank account the next business day, unlike some processors who take 2-3 business days.

Even if you’re not requesting a cash advance from us, we can save you money on processing, ask for a free quote from us ………. no commitment is necessary.

We will need 2 months of your business credit card processing statements to get you a quote.

As you get quotes, make sure you understand pricing and fees. Watch out for deceptive advertising that can rope you in at a low rate without disclosing other fees that are added on top of the initial rate:

  • Cancellation Fees – Check around before you sign up for processing. In some cases, it can cost you as much as $1500+ to cancel your contract.
  • Leasing Fees – It costs money to lease your processing equipment. Credit card machines are a huge money-maker for leasing companies, so don’t get trapped into paying $50/month for 36 months with a non-cancellable contract, where you’ll end up paying $1800 for a $300 machine! Also, you must tell the leasing company you don’t want the machine anymore BEFORE your lease is up, otherwise they will automatically renew you for 12 more months.
  • Assessment Fees – These fees are non-negotiable, they are set by MasterCard and Visa.
  • Interchange Fees – These are also paid to MasterCard and Visa and represent the true cost of processing. A markup is then added for profit. We can offer true interchange pricing + a markup of .10% ( 1/10th of one percent).
    We promise to disclose everything and to never charge you hidden fees.

Ready to get a quote, ask questions, or need more information? Just call or go to our Contact Us page.