This is a question that many small businesses ask when looking for small business loans—and for good reason. $20,000 from Stellar Business Funding is a lot different than $20,000 from other lenders—many forms of short-term working capital can come with strings attached, or worse: a lack of transparency when it comes to fees and loan terms.

DOUBLE DIPPING is a very common practice in this industry. Most funders DOUBLE DIP.. so if you renew with them, please be aware of this fact.

What is Double Dipping?

Example:  Funding of $100K x 1.39 = $139K.  When you pay this down to $70K and renew for additional capital, this is what happens.
In this example you are approved for $140K Renewal.. in which you will only net 70K.   This 70K would be very very expensive, as the full $140K would be multiplied by 1.39, which is $194,600!!  With us, we would have only charged you 1.39 on the NEW money of $70K, which is $97,300.. 
(SAVING YOU $70,000!!!)

Finding small business financing doesn’t have to be shady or dishonest. At Stellar Business Funding, we’re dedicated to creating a friendly, honest, and transparent environment during the small business funding process. As your company grows, we’ll be able to provide “add on” capital and you will know your existing balance will be left alone and not rolled into the new funding amount to be charged fee’s and interest again.

Stellar Business Funding is your expert in the small business funding market, and we’re happy to help you find the best financing plan that fits the needs of your business.