Initial pre-qualifications are:
1) At least 4 years in business (verifiable through secretary of state online verification)
2) No home based businesses
3) No business BK’s or Judgments (personal is okay)
Program Highlights:
~ No PG (personal guaranty)
~ No COJ (Confession of judgment)
~ No bank info needed
~ Monthly Payment (you pay from an invoice, not directly from your bank account)
~ Qualify for $20K +
~ Must be in business at least 4 years and have a decent D&B Paydex Score. (NO HOME BASED ALLOWED)
~The use of the funds are not restricted in any way.  
~Only takes 1 day for approval and 5-7 days to fund.
~No upfront or back-end fee’s charged

Another program we now offer is as follows:

(This does require a personal credit check and guaranty, but is great for younger businesses, as young as 6 months old).

We can now offer business loans with either 13% interest for 6 months or 15% for 12 months. Most programs normally require 2 years time in business and/or charge higher rates. Our new program will allow newer businesses 6 months – 2 years old the ability to get working capital as long as they have previously owned another company in the same or similar industry. Please go to our Short Term Business Loans page, for more information or Contact Us.