1. Paycheck Protection Program to the Rescue!… But When??? 😰

    Such strange times we all find ourselves in.  Nearly all U.S. businesses are experiencing declining or zero revenue... and when you add in payroll, debt payments, lease/rent payment, and utilities, we are quickly finding ourselves underwater.   Seeing our way out of this challenging time isn't cl…Read More

  2. When Should You Not Get Cash Advances?

    Do NOT get Business Cash Advances when: You don't have a definite plan for how you're going to use your funds. Your business is not profitable yet. Your business is already failing.   GET Cash Advances when your business is running strongly and you need to: Expand or invest in new products,…Read More

  3. Advantages of Alternative Lenders

    95% of businesses in the US will need extra working capital in 2014 particularly for marketing, payroll, receivables, and inventory ... and approximately 50% need funding to expand or for new equipment purchases, according to a recent online survey. But, small and mid-sized businesses continue to fi…Read More

  4. Our Latest Transactions

    11/15/13 - Japanese restaurant in Arkansas is funded a $14,400 Cash Advance. Owner has 575 credit, 14 months in business, federal tax lien in repayment program. Since this business showed a consistent revenue over the last 3 months, we were able to help them! 11/21/13 - Yoga/exercise business in A…Read More

  5. Expiring Tax Breaks

    Since 2008, some level of accelerated depreciation, also called bonus, has been available to equipment owners. These tax breaks are coming to an end on 12/31/13, so qualifying manufacturers need to act soon to write off 50% of the cost to buy eligible equipment for 2013. Since all equipment is depre…Read More

  6. Recent Transactions

    Recent Transactions for merchant funding from Stellar Business Funding for cash advances, short term loans, and equipment leasing. Continue reading "Recent Transactions"…Read More

  7. Deal of the Week

    Engineering Firm - Alabama - Credit Score 580 Even though the firm's bank statements showed 10 NSF's each month and they already had 2 active short term loans, we were able to secure for them a $25K Short Term Business Loan.…Read More

  8. Should You Get Funding at a Bank?

    According to the Pepperdine University Quarterly Capital Access Index, 59% of small business owners look for financing at the bank but only 27% receive it. If business owners are among those who can't get financing at the bank, they then use credit cards and/or personal loans, or just give up. If th…Read More

  9. To Lease or Not to Lease

    1) It may be more important to have and use equipment than own it, this year 55%, or $725 billion of equipment is expected to be financed for American businesses. 2) In this economic climate, you don't have to bust your budget by purchasing when you can lease instead. 3) Leasing frees up capital and…Read More