According to the Pepperdine University Quarterly Capital Access Index, 59% of small business owners look for financing at the bank but only 27% receive it.

If business owners are among those who can’t get financing at the bank, they then use credit cards and/or personal loans, or just give up. If those are not options, this is where alternative lenders like us come in to fill the gap.

We do have to charge higher rates than banks because we are taking on more risk, but we can and do charge lower rates than other alternative lenders to help you save money.

You have to ask yourself, is better to finance at a higher rate or not finance at all ……… for many, it is better to finance.

We offer lending directly and through partners, some who specialize in certain niches such as low credit, no credit card sales, or certain industries.

Please go to our Business Cash Advances page to learn more about our rates, terms, and what to look for to avoid deceptive practices.

We can also save you money on your credit card processing. Since we are not in the credit card processing industry but are involved with them to fund cash advances, we can offer wholesale rates. Go to our Business Credit Card Processing page to get more information, and to learn about deceptive practices as well.